Our member companies offer residential and commercial property inspections, premium audits, automobile classification reports, credit reports, criminal backgrounds, driving records, and appraisals.

Membership Requirements:

  • Must be a business in the inspection / reporting industry
  • Must be a registered S Corp, C Corp, or LLC
  • Have proof E&O and/or current Liability insurance
  • Have at least two W2 employees
  • Accept terms and conditions as set forth in the ARCO bylaws

Associate Membership:
Open to companies or individuals that provide products, services and/or support to Regular Member firms. Associate members shall not be subject to the eligibility requirements of Regular members, however they shall be subject to the same application process and review by the Membership Committee as outlined below.

NOTE: Associate Membership is solely for firms who offer peripheral support/service to the reporting and inspection industry. It is not intended for independent inspectors. If you are an independent inspector, we encourage you to register as an ARCO Preferred Inspector to be connected with other ARCO members. There is no cost or obligation and your information is shared only with the ARCO membership.

Membership Costs:
$50  One-time application fee (payable upfront with application)
$165  Annual Dues (which includes funding the Directory of Members, the Web Site, the Newsletter, etc.)

Downloads / Links:
Membership Application (PDF file)
Membership Application - Associates (PDF file)

Open letter from Membership (PDF file)
New member solicitation (PDF file)

Questions about membership? Please contact us!